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Default Re: US Casualties Put At Double Official Figures.

Yes and thats the problem. No one fears God anymore.

You make much BA of your stance but allow your son to become embroiled with a criminal organization, built to serve the needs of a ruling Elite?

This is self evident.

Time for less talk and more action.

When I love someone and they join a cult...i encourage them out of it.

I may fail but I try.

There has never been a "just" war BA. Never.

Just state sanctioned murder for the benefit of a few Elite who spend alot of time working out how to keep the peasants in line and distracted.

There is no middle ground.

You are just words on a sound like you care and are passionate about the subject.

Follow that up with a specific plan to protect your brood from becoming very stiff or very physically compromised via action in a criminal war of exploitation.

It is a simple concept which entails concrete action. Ones life must mirror ones rhetoric as closely as possible or we are just worthless words on a computer screen.
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