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Doctors aren't supposed to give a diagnosis unless it is confirmed and substatiated by empirical evidence. Sounds like your shrink was a bit premature, even anxious, maybe? The mental health care industry has some shadowy influences, for sure. I think you said that you have read "Access Denied" by Mark & Cathy O'Brien. Their daughter was forced to participate in cult behavior by one doctor, then in the next chapter of the book, they're told by another doctor that SRA doesn't exist, and that there is no network, no organization behind SRA. How can noone agree about such an important issue? There is proof out there if we want it. Re: The Presidio, lawsuits, Michael Aquino, Temple of Set, et al. Mr. Aquino was with Anton LaVey for a while but then Michael decided that the Church of Satan was a little too warm and fuzzy for his taste. Thus, the Temple of Set. It is national, and it is organized, and they train people in SRA. Voila!
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