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I don't want everything to lead back to my mind control experience, but the medical profession unless independent thinkers and not controlled by the NWO Psychiatric Association, discredit through The False Memory Syndrome Foundation and most doctors have no knowledge and don't care to know about mind control, etc. They do their hour and that's it. Keep you coming back to help fatten their bank account.

I had another experience. I went to a University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist and as I was sitting in his office, a black helicopter is flying outside his window. He comes up to me, very close, and gives me a hand signal. The guy was so nervous, I was like, okay, I'll never come back here again.

My family doctor talked to him before my visit and after my visit, they spoke. My doctor's opinion was that he was strange. I agreed. University of Pennsylvania was involved with mind control programs at some point.

This doctor said, let's call your husband in and tell him you have blah, blah, blah, that'll make his day.

He was joking about it!!!

So, of course, one visit was it.

Another visit to a different doctors and he advised me not to talk to anyone about it.

My family doctor has been the best support ever.

Yes, Aquino and the Temple of Set, Church of Satan. Does the public not know that he is an ex-Green Beret, DOD, and top level Monarch programmer? Accused of crimes, but the charges never stick.

He fits in there somewhere in my past, but I'll leave that out for now.
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