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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

"Christianity cloaking Dionysianism"

The Inquisition was the foulest human undertaking
The Inquisition was done with catholisism..not Christianity..

Christianity is for the most part "lost"

What you speak is not what Christ was all about m8..he was against the established religion.

There are (IMO) mis-interpretations in the bible have to sort out the truth for yourself ..

Why would the last verses of Revelation state that if you basicaly touch this book of prophecy then your screwed. ? ( If you did..then you would not be posting here..because you would be blotted out of the book of life. IE. you would never of existed )not any other books of the bible have warnings like that.

You may be referring to "Christianity" of the allready decieved and polluted religion that it has become..however once again..its not the Truth,the way,and the light..

I suggest to read the stuff in red m8 thats a good start :-)
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