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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

I have to dissagree with ya TB.

There is no way that Nukes are gonna start flying because a carrier is sunk m8.

No way in hell will the US nuke anyone after an "attack" .. unless its from Soviet nuke subs..

US will gather the support of all Nations after such a massive attack ( if a military target is sunk no matter how many lives lost its not the same if someone Nuked N.Y. instead of some planes ) now..if N.Y. was Nuked..then we would be living in a Totally different world right now.

When Bush said " with us or against us " I think after New York had been nuked, that would mean totally "you help us or fuk you and your horseman".."Sorry for that fallout world..but US wont take help us..or were gonna be like Isreal..mess with us..were gonna nuke you."

Its hard being the Big Boy on the block..but hey..Look at Isreal.

Ill post that on another Thread...
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