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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

Regarding the contradictions in the bible I would refer you to Tim Leedom's book; "The book your church doesnt want you to read" for a rather definitive accounting of contradictions. This book consolidates the writings of many persons. My own personal example is the way lawlessness is handled in the bible. In some books lawlessness is forgiven and in others it is not. The perpetration of lawlessness is termed Antinomianism and is a very much debated source of differing opinions. Unfortunately, the Freemason and church elite take an unstated (but spoken through actions) positive stance for Antinimomianism.

You may want to peruse Elaine Pagels book "The Origin of Satan". In it (p. 173) she writes of the great Christian ascetic Anthony who taught his spiritual heirs to picture Satan as the most intimate enemy of all - the enemy we call our own self. In the "Life of Anthony" written by Athanasius, he describes how Satan tempts Anthony by speaking through his inner thoughts and impulses, through imagination and desire. If the Freemason and church elite werent enough to be concerned about, the common man and all his violent and evil intentions act as another appendage of the Devil that looks to incriminate and leverage more persons (own their souls, so to speak). This would also be consistent with the Protestant church fathers who wrote that the Devil is the God of this world. Not a pretty picture.
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