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Default Re: Where does the Vatican fit in?

Ah, pedophile priests who have been protected by the Vatican because they know they are in some cases sexual predators.

Men who have dedicated their lives to GOD and for some reason are prohibited from engaging in sexual activity. Would GOD want this? I thought we were suppose to propagate. This is what in the old days they told their followers, don't use protection. Propagate.

And, yet, they abstain from sex for all of their lives. Hmmm. I think this is against man's instinct, unless, of course, you are different and in some case prefer children.

MONEY, money, money from their worshipers!!

Ah, Catholic orphanages where mind control experiments were conducted on children.

Some of these priests devote their lives to GOD and do GOD's work, but abuse children in the process. They are men of the cloth, again, using God's name in vain to cover for their own immoral behavior.

The Catholic Church involves brainwashing from a young age and religious "mind control" over those who can't figure out what to do when there is a storm and the roads are closed. They need the news to tell them it's okay not to go to church.

Surely, you'll rot in hell if you take it upon yourself to conduct your life as you see fit according to your morals and principals which is what, I think, GOD would prefer.

You know, if it's snowing outside like 12 inches and the roads are closed, I think GOD would understand if you skipped MASS.

Pedophile priests who have committed horrible sins against children and belong to a place of worship where those who are members must go to confession to be forgiven for their sins by the same men.

Sounds like hypocrisy to me!!
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