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Default Muhammed or Jesus?

Who do you choose? When I read about Jesus in the Bible. It seems like the authors of the book are confused about who is Jesus. In one description he is a Prophet, another son of god, and another god. I conclude that the Bible is not actually talking about a person named Jesus. It is talking about the history of Christianity. The history of Christianity and it's struggle with understanding the word of God. The Bible actually descibes Jesus as the word of God, which is the true meaning. There is no evidence that a person lived named Jesus or any of the other Prophets for that matter. If so where are their relatives? So this brings us to Muhammed. He is the only Prophet that we have evidence ever lived. So this brings me to the realistic conclusion that all the other Prophets were only concepts of human evolution and that Muhammed was the complete make up of all of the Prophets into a human being. So God was building the perfect human being with the beginning of each Prophet until Muhamed was the final product. So there is no war between Jesus and Muhammed. Only the fools that say they follow them. If you are an intelligent believer then you will see that Muhammed is the Christ. Not the old Jesus who was just a concept, but he was the real human being who continues to cause miracles every day. So I choose both because you cannnot have one without the other.


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