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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

Dreak, I offered you one of my own noted contradictions and that was the dual handling of lawlessness and related that to Antinomianism. That topic was not a discussion in either of the two books that I referred to in my previous writeup. As far as which passages of the bible discusses lawlessness that depends on which "inspired" bible you go to. The King James version has written lawlessness almost OUT OF THE bible altogether compared to other versions of the bible. This is a subject that stands on its own as a conspiracy theory related to the bible and the weakness of man. You may want to try a word search for "lawlessness" on your own over the various bible versions using the internet. For the brief period of time I have posted on this board I have presented discussions that are complex, not cheesy dialogue. I don't take other peoples ideas and say they are my own. Any literary work makes use of references to make certain points and I offer the references as a convenience to the reader. You have used the well worn method of tediously attacking very minor points and ignoring the bigger picture.

The Freemason and Christian elite have made use of an esoteric vision that is awash in greed, crime, and fraud and is the basis for many conspiracy theories. Authors (Mircea Eliade (oft quoted by Freemasons), St. Cyril of Jerusalem and Alexander Hislop at a minimum) refer to the manner in which man mimics the gods in vice. Man, and that includes the early Christian (not Chrestian?) followers, all derived reasons to absolve man of the taint of crime and the bible is no different. The elite have been on a mission to corrupt many persons and institutions with crime in order to control them. With leverage comes power. Leverage gives one the ability to control others actions through little investment of their own.
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