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Default Re: Physics Forum against free speech

Looked like fun TB- this should be done more here. :-P

I don't think that these guys are NSA or in denial, you just have to understand what we're up against. By some of the research that I've gathered there are millions who are against freedom and truth. Many seem to try and live a normal life but will fire with both guns when someone talks about government corruption, suppressed sciences and the like. This exercise was a good example. There are some clues that can be picked up on to better gauge who is in denial and who is working under corrupt terms. Those who posted on the physic forum and tried to justify WTC7 seem highly likely to be shills- it's utterly absurd to think that WTC7 was anything other than a textbook demolition. Those who attack with such vigor against it expose themselves for what they are.

I do feel sorry for them- many of them are trapped in their reality with no where to go but I of course disagree with their activity to suppress the truth.
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