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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

Tactical Nukes were undoubtably used during the Afghanistan operation circa 2001.

All the hogwash about the "Daisy Cutter" Fuel/Air Bomb crapola repeated adinfunatim with GROSSLY exagerated discriptions of its effects (ie:HUGE explosive power) was a cover for deep penetration tactical nukes.

The Daisy Cutter works best when used against WELL dug in troops in that it will "burn" the oxygen in a wide area suffocating infantry. It has secondary blast effects on living things due to the vaccuum it creates.

It does not, as in conventional explosives, have a intense blast wave and yet that is exactly what they were infering in the massive media effort to tell us that the Taliban were going to all die from the AWESOME "Daisy Cutter"...

I read on the net briefly, of local tribesmen exhibiting all the signs of radiation sickness including bleeding gums, rectal bleeding vomiting etc...

It was an excellent article which people should look a search. I might try and retrieve it as well.

I believe you are mistaken that Bush and Co would NOT use tactical nukes, at least the "bunker buster" types on Iran.

They have proven themselves ruthless enough.

There are ample discussion papers and NSC documents detailing how the U.S MUST NOT look too "reasonable" and "stable" to an adversary as this would promote challenges to U.S hegemony in the world. An unbalanced and unpredictable nature was vital so as to keep the barbarians in line.

Hence what we see today.

I have written previously that it would be unlikely that "they" would commit another terrorist act on the scale of 9-11 on U.S soil after the HUGE grassroots backlash via the net, exposing the whole shebang. I believe it is now possible. However, with all the "talk" circulating from "official" sources regarding "suitcase" bombs, I believe it is a deliberate distraction.

An "offshore" covert op would give the benefits of decreased exposure by the conspiricy nuts who exposed the last scam, a clean crime scene ie: sunk Carrier, and a more easily identifiable culprit ie: Iran.

As the Garrison character in JFK states..."you all gotta think like the CIA, white is black and black is white".

Get in their minds. Read history. They are human and are as predictable as a fox near a hen house.
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