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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

I personally stick to the 4 Gospels and consider the rest light reading and open to MUCH interpretation.

I think the message of Christ was quite clear.

That it could become SO fouled up is a travesty.

Like ANY centralised power structure the Church could not deal with the terrible temptation of power itself.

I personally love the "Lord Of The Rings Trilogy". We see so eloquently put, the terrible temptation of power and the refusal to put it back in the Earth where it belongs.

One must be truly humble and experience the practical effects of transgressions of God's laws. If one cannot feel the pangs of guilt, remorse and sorrow then how will God EVER manifest? We see God's hand in the endemic depression/mental illness taking over the Western World.

It will not be God who destroys the world but the arrogance of man.

I just watched a documentary dealing with the original scientists who unravelled the secrets of DNA.

One openly despised religion and the notion of a supernatural God. He spoke to a crowd (he's in his 90's now) of undergraduate and post graduate Uni students, and said in response to leaving Gods creation alone; I quote..."if we dont mess with the DNA, who will?" There were loud hoots of approval from the crowd. He was suitably happy with this response.

No better example of the complete "Luciferian" arrogance of man on Earth, I believe, exists.

God will soon be setting a few bounderies.
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