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Default Re: Muhammed or Jesus?

Hello Ahmed.

I cant remember if i sent you an apolagy or not. If not, I apolagies for my outbursts.

Partly they were the result of poisening with "additives" to which i am extremely sensitive. Partly due to the usual finacial stressors of life and my aggressive nature which is nescessary for confronting power directly as I often do in my other endevours away from here...

I finally decided to be poor and do what I do best...unpaid work annoying those in power in my own way.

Anyway...It is a shame to see a split between Christianity and Islam. Why dont we agree to disagree?

I respect the best of Islamic culture. The worst is more often than not brought on by the covert and overt efforts of the so called "Christians" and extremist Zionist/Jewish elements.

Read Michael Ashers "The Real Bravo 2 Zero". A thorough discrediting of the COMPLETE tales written by the survivors of a failed foray into Iraq by the british SAS in 1991. The usual cliches of the Arabs are in the original books. Asher (former SAS himself & fluent Arabic speaker) puts all that in its place and gives a real account of the kindness and respect given to an adversary by the local militias who caught them.

Read too the accounts by John Pilger, respected journalist, who recounts how he felt safer walking the streets of Baghdad before the war and after crippling Western sanctions, than he did in the center of London. Again, respect and humility and people who did'nt even know who he was, begging this strange Westerner to tell the overfed Westerners of their suffering...and what suffering! And how many "innocent" Muslims have now been beaten and attacked in London?

No matter your religion or your adherence to it. To have your family wiped out by an "errant" bomb is hard to take lightly. I am not so sure I would'nt gladly be taking the lives of the invader myself when put through that. Maybe even putting a bomb on a bus to kill "innocents" who are so fat, lazy and stupid they will tolerate passively, the actions of their government, done in their name.

The "civilized" West could at least maintain their anger instead of awaiting the next organised for them protest rally, where they can have a nice walk in the sunshine and catch up for lattes after to discuss the latest home renovating techniques.

Innocence will get you killed. Fate, or God, does'nt tolerate innocence for 5 minutes. The times are too serious.

I agree Ahmed that Christianity suffers from a serious case of the "idolatries". They go to Christ as a "loving Father figure" who will hug them like Daddy never did and then they can all go home...saved?

Christ brought many things. A sword and great compassion. There are times to turn the other cheek and their are times to speak the truth loudly and boldly. The Christian Churches have subverted peoples energies away from the truth and into a warped and disempowered view of Christ. Christ was anything but passive victim. Christ forced people to look at themselves.

I have no problem with God incarnating into this world to offer up himself into unimaginable torture and death as an example of the deep personal love the UNKNOWABLE creator of the Universe has for individual human beings. Perhaps God was making up for his bad treatment of Job.

I agree wholeheartedly that at times we worship the cup instead of the life giving water itself.

Whatever the finer points of bible theology or whether Mohammed was mad in the end or sat on food while others starve lets take the books for what they are.

We can all disagree on many things and not kill each other. We are ALL made in the image of God and I'm sure Christ nor the Prophet Mohammed meant their words to justify misery and suffering.

I'd like to see a little more sword action and a little less peace action to right these wrongs. A sword is also the Intellect, the ability to tell fish from foul...we should weild it more often.
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