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Default Re: Muhammed or Jesus?

peace TB,

welcome back! as for the apology, don't worry, peace is always possible.

I want to tell you that the idea of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as being separate religions is a satanic hoax, there has been always one religion called "Submission, the religiono f Abraham", but the people got biased to their prophets and books and thus got stuck each in the message given to them.

As you know Satan divides and God unites, God willing the walls built by Satan to divide us are going to fall very soon.

Also some people mix between the Islam as a universal religion and the Arab culture, the reason for the violence against civilians is some satanic sayings attributed falsly to Muhammad in the man-made books of Hadith (the equivelant of the Talmud), these sayings claim that Muhammad ordered the killing of the captives, this ofcourse contradict with Quran which advocates that charity goes to the captives untill they are freed or ransomed, also the Hadith advocates killing the disbeliever, while God says "There shall be no compulsion in religion".

As much as i feel sorry for the victims i know that it is because of disregarding God, God says that whatever bad happens to us, it's because of us. I also feel sorry for the youths who kill themselves and civilians because of the overwhelming injustices they experience, however i also feel sorry for the millions of westerners who are practically incapable of stopping their corrupt governments from agression!

So as you can see, the world is in a deep pit of misery and helplessness, and this needs a divine intervention which will come God willing on November, in the form of the Quake of all time, which all the scriptures warned of.

I have no problem with God incarnating into this world to offer up himself into unimaginable torture and death as an example of the deep personal love the UNKNOWABLE creator of the Universe has for individual human beings. Perhaps God was making up for his bad treatment of Job.

In all sincerity, i have to warn you against it. The issue of an offering presented to God was distorted by the Jews, they thought that the act of offering a good offering itself is capable of redeeming them, thus they focused on the offering instead of the feeling (the reverence of God) attached. Satan dragged them into ever offering better offerings, to the extent of burning their kids alive! (a historical fact) thinking that in this they will be surely redeemed. A prominent Jew later (Paul) later took the idea to the extreme, God offering His ONLY son to redeem all the people, (which is considered in the primitive thought as the best offering, the only male son). The truth is only YOU can redeem yourself by doing righteous work, there is no such thing as a free redemption (by accepting Jesus on the cross), Job suffered because of his following Satan, God is never unjust towards the people.

You noted a good point, the victim mentality the Christian world is being molded in through the story of the corss, Quran tells us that while forgivness is the best, it is not so when evil is unrepentant.
God\'s alternative, USN

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