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Default Re: Global Social Unrest


In Sydney Australia, the Lebanese street gangs are a major problem, responsible for a gang rape epidemic and 300% escalation in drug related crime
Well, beats the WASP motorcycle gangs doing it for a change.

ASIO yesterday raided several Melbourne homes after a year's surveillance of a radical Islamic group that was planning terrorist attacks.
What! Hang the bastards! Lets hear the evidence! By God they'll taste the back of me hand!

Members of the muslim group have been secretly bugged, discussing terrorist incidents overseas.
Hmmmm...we'd better be careful.

They have also been recorded talking about wanting to carry out similar attacks in Melbourne, it is claimed.
Start with Crown Casino. I'll hold the Det Cord while Abdul plants the wait...we'll start some randon deisel fires! Even more effective I hear down at Physics Forum.

About six Melbourne members have attended remote training camps in country Victoria during the past year (muslim militia training camps in australia).
Well, I guess the F.P and ASIO can start shutting down those training camps. With all the evidence they have i'm sure charges have been laid and the criminal justice system can swing into action.

But wait...maybe they're just Muslim Health Spa's? Leaping through firey hoops does wonders for the complexion and i'm told keeps you supple and fit to..

Surveillance officers have confirmed the Melbourne cell has tight links with a Islamic group in Sydney.
They know each others first name?

The Sydney group has been observed using small boats to check out possible targets on Sydney Harbour, including the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
Bastards! Caught red handed! Looking at Oz icons! Maybe they were planning a Normandy type landing? A quick rush over the beloved coathanger on bareback camel?

Yesterday's ASIO raids -- in which Victoria Police and Australian Federal Police were also involved -- were designed to disrupt the group before members were able to go ahead with their plans, sources claimed, yet thousands more of these so called "refugees" are allowed in to australia each day.
Yes! Yes! Why wait to actually catch them! Much better to disrupt them and waggle a VERY stern finger at those fucking camel riding funny people who cant even speak fuckin Aw-straily-an.

Wait, i'll rewrite this...Yesterdays ASIO raids were designed to co-incide with the parliamentry debate on the extension of the powerful police state laws afforded ASIO which has yeilded...NOTHING. Due to the fact that there ar'nt any REAL Muslim terrorists in the country. Just pissed off Muslims generally.

Authorities do not expect to be able to charge members of the network unless the raids turn up unexpected information.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he he he...

Poor old Mick Kelty and the ASIO butte boys. No naughty Muslims will play ball and justify all that new funding and fun toys. Boo could always ring up The Mossad fella's...they're always up for a good Muslim framing.

I wonder if this could be a new General Policing technique? Instead of waiting for the robbers to strike...police could raid to "break up" the preparations for said bank robbery and instead issue a stern warning to the suspects?
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