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Default Re: Know wot I mean 'arry

No, not goat sacrificing convention. Just been temporarily muted, tied up fighting 'the bastards'. I'll be back soon, as loud as before. I've not seen the American version of the office, bit believe it is supposed to be funny.
It get's more heated between the doctor and Rose as the series progresses, culminating in a passionate clinch during the last episode, just before Christopher Eclesston transmogriphicates into the new doc. To be honest, I recon Billy Piper is OK, but she's been with that ginger tosser Chris Evans. Nah, my number one fave has been and will always be Dannii Minogue. *sigh*. I believe Jacques Villeneuve used to rather play with his computer than with her! is he mad? I'd have never left the house.
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