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- is the study” LIMITS TO GROWTH” genuine warning to all who believe in unlimited capitalism or NWO agenda backed by “scientific proofs” ?!
I have often puzzled over this same dilemma in my own mind.
But here is an everyday example that may shed some light on the subject:
Every week I am required to separate my trash and place "recyclables" in a separate bin. This, of course, is because of a law enacted in reaction to environmental concerns.
Yet for the past decade, my waste hauler has refused to recycle the materials, claiming the market prices are too low; therefore, it all gets dumped into the same landfill, and I am just performing a meaningless ritual under penalty of law. This situation is the same in most areas of my home state and many other places around the country from what I have learned.
Now, if the NWO really was serious about all of this population control and environmental conservation rhetoric that they disseminate through their respective think tanks, would they permit these kinds of glaring hypocrisies to occur? What about our auto industry, cranking out 8 MPG SUVs?; or the woeful lack of research and development in alternative energy sources despite a quarter century of recurrent "energy crises"?
Certainly the empirical evidence tends to convey the notion that the ruling elites do not take their own "doomsday" studies seriously -- or at least not constructively. The current pseudo war on terrorism appears to be a thinly veiled sham for seizing control of a monopoly of the world's energy reserves. The Illuminati may still believe some of these grim prophecies (even after the worst scenarios have yet to materialize), but so far their only reponse is to try to hoard even more of the world's limited resources to themselves.
Of course, these studies do make useful fodder to feed the sheeple when they question why personal wealth, standards of living, etc. are dropping from generation to generation even as technology and automation continually advance. "We're running out of everything," our leaders tell us, "because the world is overcrowded with non-essential consumers." Through these ploys and artifices, their best eugenics arguments are made for them by the intelligentsia.
Since the aforementioned forces control and contaminate the data and statistical bases, we may never really know just how true or false the conclusions reached by these studies may actually be. Still, it is interesting to pick out incongruous situations like the birth rate crisis in Italy, where the government is desperately imploring people to reproduce at a higher rate:

European birth rate crisis

Do you suppose it is just a coincidence that the major problem created by zero population growth is the inability of countries to finance their social welfare programs, because a smaller number of younger taxpayers will be paying into the system?
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