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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

Aye..but Im still very skeptical about the whole London Bombing thing..

It looks like swiss-cheese to me. It just seems way to easy to have basically every reporting agency putting alot of resource into the bombings.

How easy it is to punch holes in the alleged findings.

How easy it is to create an alternative Truth with all the so called "facts".

Looking to me like another diversion.

I dont think the CO. (as you speak of) is THAT stupid or inept. I dont think it was a spontanious action.

If indeed it was scripted as some suggest, then the producer is either a clown or a genious.

Look over here cause I need to do something over there without you looking.

hmm..Is it that we are looking in the wrong place ?
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