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:-x Hey you who made this quote:
Quit your government job, I'm tired of carrying you. Also, refuse to attend a government run university as a "student", they're just brainwashing you with socialist ( theftist ) lies. Start your own business instead

Hey smart ass you dont carry me i Dont live in canada why not check some simple details!.
Secondly I really dont care for your small cognitive reasoning leading to petit bourgoise attitudes toward me. One day people like you and me will be facing off. I would have no hesitation taking you out if i had to defend myself.
The nice world ended some time ago sides are being chosen within western nations and your not on mine!.

Personally I am of sick small business people whinging about taxes and other trivial concerns while very much participating in the system.
If YOU dont like being taxed so badly why dont you just succeed from canada and with other like minds(if you can find any you sound pretty selfish and uncooperative) minds form your own separatist commmune their is example of this in NZ its called lower Hutt.
It is completely self sufficient from the state and mainstream society and they of cause pay no tax.But they make huge materialistic sacrifices just to live there they have to cooperatre as collective or community if you prefer the latter term to get things done as a community.

So what are you waiting for are you too gutless and weak to make such a sacrifice.Are you simply all keystrokes! No go get stuffed with you assumptions and stick them where the sun dont shine :-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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