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Mr or Mrs. Zany,

Oh Lord where shall I begin?

Yes any body can provide verses out of the Bible to nitpick their point. Why don't you? You said you will, please do, I challenge you to prove me wrong.

"Christianity is constantly under attack these days". Gee I wonder why. I wonder why this Christian nation is despised the world over, how could that be?

"If our leaders knew it was false why would they let people constantly disprove it". Well Thanks to the internet they can't really stop the heresy any longer. The powers that be, will try but their time is up.

Whoever follows Jesus is Chosen? Wow! I guess that means W is one of the chosen.

Faith is not to be understood? If I don't understand it why should I have faith in it. I'll never be so naive to have faith in something I don't understand.

"Do not believe the science of man" ??? ha ha ha

Yes it is harder to not hit back. I'll agree it would usually be better not to hit someone back after they hit you. But in general principle that is foolish. Are you going to tell me that if They enslave me than I should pray for them and then offer them my son. Or if they rape my wife I should offer them my daughter. You go ahead, I prefer something like an Eye for an Eye.

They have a "great interest in getting man to believe in the power of man". That is a great example of opposite speech. No Zany, they have been trying to suppress the power of man. For if we believed in our own power than we would't be in the toilet today.
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