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Default Re: Joe Vialls' website

Port Authur was one of the few things that really started to wake me up.

I might add...i dont know what you're exact views are, but my problem with Vialls is not that he claims a "unknown combat shooter" did it...not Martin Bryant...i agree Martin Bryant could NEVER have gotton in 19 head and neck shots out of 20.

It's all the LITTLE mistakes he makes like certain times and other detailed points that can mean he can be easily discredited. I dont think this is deliberate. I just think he's sloppy. I too am sloppy but i dont get paid to run a website and have thousands of fans hanging on my every word. He owes it to people to tighten things up and stop blaming his things on..."Adrenal Exhaustion"...another name for being tired.

Look into Port Authur. I had a thick file on it but lost it during one of my "very strange" hard drive mishaps.

Martin Bryant was a complete tosser who could'nt even clean his own gun. He walked into a gun store with a M-16 varient fully loaded, safety off holding it by the butt and handed it to the shocked gunstore owner saying..."it does'nt work, fix it".

This is the man we are to believe got off 19 head and neck shots on moving targets in a small store and immediate surrounds? I tell you, ask anyone you happen to find who knows ANYTHING about guns...IMPOSSIBLE. This was a professional team.

Read "On Killing; The Psychological Cost Of Learning To Kill In War & Society". I cant remember the author.

He will give statistics for shootings and professional soldiers.

Bryant should have been teaching at Campbell Barracks, Perth, West Oz.
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