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Rather than start a new post

Genesis being told by the world
This ones abit out there, but I thought I'd include it as food for thought.

Although the most notorius story of mankinds birth is from Genesis, it is a fact that the story in the same fashion has been told around the world similarily, for time immemorial, mankind was born of either dust or of mud.
And with this point in mind, there is another telling of the story if you take time to realize, that it's hidden in plain sight.
To most people it's easy to recognize that the continent of Africa resembles a human head, and once upon a time it was connected to South America, if one closely examines S America as in a topography map, it appears to resemble a man with beard looking up to the heavens, or in flat image, up towards N. America, now the story goes that eve went too the center of the garden and ate of the fruit, if we consider that it is now in position, this being the great pyramid being strategicly located on the center of the earth like in the piri reis map, and if one looks at australia in the same manner as in the piri reis map, it does look as though it could be representative of a forbidden fruit with great bite in full disclosure, the pit of the fruit Ayers rock. there are some other observations but, their a bit harder to describe herein, will try later.
for those who don't know the stories of Gilgamesh and Enoch and Enkidu, which I admit I don't know a whole lot about, but the premise is that Enoch, was taken off of the earth by a giant eagle, and he was able to see the world from the heavens, no doubt a close encounter , but what did he make of it, was he inspired to write one of the versions of mankinds rise from the mud?
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