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Default Re: Joe Vialls' website

I highly doubt that theory m8..

First off..there are alot of peeps reading the globe for all sorts of vibration activity..would have to have all of them in this in on it..(double activity in one location which they would report)

Second..the amount of energy required for a plate shift would be astronomical for a bomb to set shifts of the earths plates..( you know..your a fly on the ass of a cow chewing its cudd while your passing by it at 60mph. )

Its just not possible unless you know the exact friction/retention of plates .. and you cant just make 100 thousand years of pressure go boom at your will with a nuke. your talking pressure plate movement on whim of conspiracy..thats just not possible.

Your suggesting that the Gov sunk or placed a nuke in just the right spot to set off a massive plate shift that was on the verge of shifting anyway ?

weak IMO..
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