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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

I dont think the NIC. is the end result of there game m8s..

They are showing there cards way too soon to expect anyone to imply that NIC cards are the things we are talking about that suggests "mark of the beast"

Its in your forhead..or your "right" hand..once again I wonder why not the left hand ? hmm..

Not like they dont know who you are..and were you are..and what your doing..

Did you know there has been chipset ID for some time now ? that means that if you Buy a computer from anyone now..they have who what where when ?

If you use that PC on the internet..your logged.

Its not a card you should be worried about.its something more elusive..I say again..Most will copitulate in this. For a reason that is not within our grasp atm..Watch for it..( If it indeed happens in our lifetime.) I dont think its gonna be as BOLD as some have stated it to be. ( IE. cards )
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