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Act 2: The Telepath

This takes place about 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 years later outside Wrigely Field in Chicago. K2 went across the street to High Tops (a bar) and G1 and I stayed where we were at, listening to street players.

I get this overwhelming feeling that I'm being watched. Not the casual feeling where you glance around, I'm talking about I knew someone was there. So I slowing turn and look for the person. Directly behind me is a woman looking right at me. If I could paint and you wanted me to paint a portrait of what my concept of what beauty is, I'd paint her.

She said, "I wondered how long it would take you to notice me".

We are on a busy intersection, outside a ball park one block from the L, across the street from a bar with it's door open cranking music and a couple feet away from street performers with drums and saxaphone. She's 30 feet away, her lips never moved and I heard her at the same level you'd expect dinner conversation. It made no sense so I'm thinking that I'd imagined it.

She then said a number of things but all I remember is clearly is, "I can read your thoughts and I can allow you to read mine" and ".. because you have seen the light". The latter was in reference to her asking for my help and wanting me to go with her.

When she said, "because you have seen the light" I had a total brain freeze. All I could think was, "I can't ..".

It seemed like she was waiting for some reply from me, I was feeling really uncomfortable and I noticed G1 had turned and noticed the woman and he said, "that woman is really checking you out".


Preview: In Act 3 I will remember the light and pay a visit to K1 and E1.
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

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