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Default Re: "Stan Goff". Ex-Special Forces Writes On Possibility Of Bush Using Tactical Nukes

The National I.D card is the Crossing the Rubicon of the NWO program.

It means the COLLATION and gathering of EXTENSIVE data from multiple sources and placing it in ONE database.

The card will include BIOMETRIC thumbprint and smart card technology with ALL your particulars from medical, to criminal to...whatever you want.

The list is endless.

At the moment that data is fragmented and EXTREMELY hard to collate.

You have to be REDFLAGGED as a suspect be it criminal or "terrorist" whatever to pour the resources in to gather that data.

With the new I.D cars they're pushing...they get it INSTANTLY!

In Australia your drivers license data is NOT kept by the various Federal and Local Police Services. It is kept by the government department called "Department of Planning and Infrastructure".

ANYONE, or ANY entity, public or private can obtain a special license to access that database if they can meet certain requirements.

Another entity, a private one, that has access to that database is - Baycorp. The LARGEST Credit Checking Agency in Oz with world wide affilliations...and ultimately owned by whom?

Do you get why this new card is so dangerous?

As for your computer...dont send your data with an XP crash. Dont fill out the install questions properly and above all use a cracked version of XP.

I wont give Microsoft a cent. Worshippers of satan get NADA.
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