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Default Re: World Republic

OK, Ozzie, you are one of two things; a raving lunatic or a disinfo agent
Bah blah blah!
Who cares what you think!
Which rock did you crawl from!
Your not a regular here it seems you came here came to attack me specifically or maybe your one of the previous posters, posting under another username.Infact it seems it is you that is the troublemaker.

Unfortunately, from your posts I've gathered that you still believe in this whole "left vs. right" "capitalism vs. communism" schtick. This is what really scares the hell out of me. The impending war that you're talking about seems to be the hegelian dialectic conflict the NWO is cooking up for the not too distant future.
No infact its already taking place right now.Dont you watch the news!
Are you purposely being stupid! Only a complete idiot could be so naive.
If you came here to find sanity you are in the wrong place mate last time looked this was a conspiracy site so do you really believe anyone here is concerned about whether anyone fits your sanity scale. I doubt it!.
If you want sanity then i suggest this is not the site for your model citizen tastes!.
I am certainly the last person to care what the likes of you thinks of my sanity levels!So piss off and make enemies elsewhere droop!. :lol:

btw your attempts to demonise me have failed miserably!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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