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Default Thread On ID Card

Subject: re: ID Card Positives post id: 82
I agree but I think you have not gone far enough. Not only should people be paying $100 every time they *don't* use the card, there should also be an option to, as they say, go the whole hog and have a chip inserted into your brain which contains every transaction you do (to prevent tax evasion), your medical records, hobbies, sexual preference, criminal record, driving record etc and anything else which is of interest. That way when you walk into a store they already know what you want, or if you have even a minor criminal record they can turf you out into the street. Of course for all those people who don't want progress there should be a charge for not having a chip in your brain (and therefore just using the card), $50 sounds fair to me.

Additionally, should the chip stop working for any reason people should have a barcode burn into their forearm or forehead to identify them.

When technology advances we will be able to have new and improved chips which can detect thought patterns and if you even think of doing something the govt doesn't like, then the chip can shut down your brain via remote control and you can be arrested on the spot. This will stop terrorism I'm sure.
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