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Default Re: Thread On ID Card

Ha ha ha...thats the way to do it! EXCELLENT!

Needs to reassess their sentence structure though to make it easier to read. Makow style.

I will be surprised if Bush is President this time next year. He will be dead or resigned due to health reasons. I have heard rumours that this may even happen before the end of the year.

He is an agent of the East Coast Blue Blood Esteblishment as described by Caroll Quigly in his book "Tragedy & Hope".

J.P Morgan was one, as were the Rockerfella's. They ALL worked for the European/U.K Banking houses...Rothschild-Warberg etc...

Soon, after the U.S Elite; representing the false choice Conservative/Fascistic arm of the New World Order, have brought us to the point of Nuclear war, we will see the Internationalist/socialist arm of the NWO, represented by the U.N and Europe take the reigns and lead us down a path of Reason and Multilateralism and away from the madness brought on by a Christian/Fundamentalist Unilateral U.S administration.

This will entail a nuclear exchange of some sort. With FULL, LIVE broadcast of the expanding mushroom cloud for FULL effect.

The final march to One World Government will begin.

They are so predictable they bore me.

Surely they can come up with another formula. I'm sick of Hegal.
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