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Default Re: Joe Vialls' website

Perhaps Vialls sometimes presents his speculations as facts; however, I am certain that much of his research is valid, and it seems to me that he is not attempting to misinform deliberately.

His ideas about the tsunami really grabbed me. I have spent several hours searching the web for conspiracy theories regarding the tsunami, and Vialls' is the only in-depth effort to explain it that I can find written in English. Vialls gives a link to , which is a lengthy analysis written in French. I was unable to translate it using his recommended online translator at . If Vialls is right, then not only the sheeple, but virtually everbody got fooled, and he deserves the Gold Star, regardless of any deficiencies present in his other works.

He makes it clear that he is speculating that a nuke was employed, which is reasonable. I read on a different forum speculation that electromagnetic weaponry was used. truebeliever speculates that a Tesla technology may have been used. That is also reasonable.

I think Vialls proves his case adequately. The quake on 12-26-04 did not result in significant land damage, nearby authorities measured it initially at 6.4 magnitude, western authorities upped their figures from 8.0 to 9.3 over time, and the US military was ready with overstaffed combat vessels to move in.

Another thread on this forum speculates on the possibility that the internet Gestapo is operational. Here is a clip from Vialls' site:

"Though I rarely send personal messages, it seems worthy of note that within 30 hours of publishing "Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History" on 24 February 2005 , this particular page on all four of my operational servers became invisible to roughly 80% of Internet surfers around the world.

"Because the servers are stand alones and physically distant from each other, it is reasonable to suspect direct sabotage of a sohisticated variety. How it was done I do not know, but for the present at least, the artificial blockage seems to have been removed."

Apparently, there is also an international e-commerce Gestapo. Vialls' tells us:

"Predictably perhaps, I remain permanently barred by American multinationals including Yahoo and PayPal, and more recently have had completely unacceptable restrictions placed on my web page layouts and graphics by others, who for the present will not be named. All seem intent on removing my content from the Internet completely, or in gaining 100% editorial control over my work."

I hit submit, got logged out, and it did not post. Fortunately, I saved it as a text file. Let's try again.
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