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Default Re: Isreal

Yes, a cornered snake is dangerous.

"They" cannot go back. They must go forward but to where?

They should have a good cry. A critical mass has been reached. "They" are finished.

"They" are a nutter hostage taker SURROUNDED on all sides by a grass roots community ripping their half assed covert op's to bits.

The fact that they are so "half assed" concerns me sometimes as I believe Bush and the Neocons are part of a far more sinister plan by the European socialist arm of the NWO.

Our nutter hostage takers are doomed. How many they take with them is the worry.

Perhaps it is inevitable that with the next great evoloution of human consciousness there will have to be suffering and calamity.

Keep your heads up and your bums down.

Tactical nukes? San Fernando valley, delivered by twelve small planes again later this year. My sources of course are completely incredible but then again given what has happened in the last four years I am not surprised.
I have no special crystal ball. Anything is possible. However, I feel "Tactical Nukes" on U.S soil is a cover for a more far away plot.

Why a Carrier sunk of Indo? Is it for a dive wreck or something?
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