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Default Re: The Peak Oil Crisis: Rationing


Read NOTHING written by him unless you simply want to be entertained or feeling great, because you bought ALOT of shares in the Oil and Gas market and are planning your holiday to Spain.

I used to think he was simply tired of being poor in the Wilderness and was enjoying the first class tickets to the Peak Oil conferences.

I am now CONVINCED he is a long term STOOGE plant.

He should be skinned and made into a fine hat.

Speculators are making a FORTUNE on the oil price because TWATS like Ruppert continue to push through the sky oil prices to people.

It as an artificial scarcity scam just like their efforts in the 70's and 80's.

I speak to oil people.

They are in piggy heaven.

Jobs are everywhere.

No one in the game speaks of Peak Oil because it DOES'NT exist.

Ruppert is SO well informed he does'nt even know that Oz is the possessor of the LARGEST natural gas fields in the world. VAST untapped oil fields that have been capped and left for a rainy day. And the possessor of the finest, high quality black coal in the world that could feed the planet for a few hundred years by itself.

If the world turned to Oz high quality coal we would drop CO2 levels by 30% overnight.

Ruppert is so WOEFULLY UNINFORMED I am led to believe he simply writes from a script given to him.

I hate breathing in crap. I look forward to my hydrogen powered car. HOWEVER...

Energy scarcity is being used to corral us back into the hands of the State and centralise power.

Peak Oil/Global Warming and the associated crap is one of the biggest jokes EVER played on the human race.

They will attack us on many fronts.

As terrorism fails they will have to up the anti by other means.
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