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Default Re: Why do I believe that God exists and Christianity to be the only true

Ive heard the same thing stated by Chuck Missler..

One thing is Chucky tried to explain were the figures are comeing from..

You just cant expect anyone to just go with the flow of any calculation result unless you give proper reason from where those results came from..

PS..I think the probability of creating a string of protien molecules or even the creation of DNA are even higher then what you stated m8..basically Scientific terms " Its in the Impossible catagory"

Its like saying give a junkyard millions of parts to build a car..have all the storms,electrisity,earthquakes,,etc and expect a simple Ford model A created with nature..wont happen..ever..yet peeps wont even look into what a living cell is all about. There are microscopic "factories" in the the hell can a person believe evolution when they cant even explain how or were the first cell organism came from ( much less protien or DNA came from to begin with )

not only that..then you have cells that reproduce only what its programmed to do..what is that all about ? how does a cell know what "it" is without some outside program to tell it is what it is..and when to stop making the same thing..and then switch to start making another organ..or brain cell..or skull cell..or whatever..

Quite impossible.

Im with you on this one m8..GO gettem !!
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