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Default Re: I Think Karl Rove Should be OUTED!!!

On July 14, Novak's column ran, naming Plame for the first time and saying two senior administration officials had provided him the information. The White House anti-Wilson campaign continued, but legally it did not matter, because once Plame's name was in the public domain, Rove and others were free to gossip about her.

Ah, excuse me, Mr. Fitzgerald, but it might be advantageous to this investigation to go back to the original leaker and ask him the name of the two senior administration officials who provided him with Valerie Plame's name. Perhaps, if he refuses, you might want to put him in jail. WHY IS NOVAK protected from this proceeding?

Look what Scott states in the second paragaph, "I'm telling you flatly that that is not the way this White House operates." OH, really. I guess Novak was your operative.

Rove told MSNBC's Chris Matthews that Plame was fair game, even as White House spokesman Scott McClellan was denying any White House role in the leak. "I'm telling you flatly that that is not the way this White House operates," the spokesman told reporters July 22. McClellan was usually careful to stress involvement in any illegal leak, though his public statements clearly left an impression of a White House aloof to the affair.

Rove states that Valerie Plame is "fair game." Why is that Mr. Rove? Perhaps because Mr. Wilson didn't play by your rules!!

CIA officials believed that the revealing of Plame's identity was a potential crime and contacted the Justice Department to investigate. CIA officials maintain that Plame never ordered up the trip.

Who in the CIA contacted the Justice Department? Names, please and who within the CIA believed it was a crime? Names, please!!! THE CIA MAINTAINS THAT PLAME NEVER ORDERED THE TRIP. WHO ORDERED THE TRIP?????????
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