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Default Re: Awakening to the present

You've got to admit that Griffin and Wooldridge 2008 sounds like a winning ticket, their smart , their not devious, and their actually able to look at the present and the future at the same time, something that DC can't seem to figure out how to do now.
We need to convince these good personages in our society to come forward and make it known to the masses , that this country is in dire straights, and they will speak with America , and not against it !, as we now have, we need people who can put a sentence together without getting tongue tied. or others that claim a very closeness to God, but their actions show a wholly different incentive.
Although It may not be these two individuals, the point is that the need to start thinking in relative agreement and that we do need a sane vision in Washington, for the likes of Jefferson sake.
Because if we fail, we and the future are up that proverbial shit creek.
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