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Default Thankyou Steven Spinberg - Another Hollywood Psy Op Masterpeice!

War of the Worlds.

Just watched it on pirated DVD from good old Thailand.

Thats right Mr Intelligence Analyst Forum Watcher! I bought it for $3 Australian...A PIRATE!

I sure as well dont pay to be brainwashed by this OBVIOUS NWO tripe.

The real giveaway is the TIMING.

How perfect! Just in case you had thought "Islamofascism" had gone away, Steven has come along just to remind you and give you a "pep" talk as the battle of Iraq sinks into quagmire.

This IS after all WHAT he has made this film for.

I would call it a mix of "Saving Private Wank" meets "Schindlers List".

Here are my reasons in NO particular order.

He has a little blonde girl in WOW who also appears in SL. In SL she is the ONLY bit in colour with the RED dress. In WOW we see the same little blonde girl dressed in Red in case you dont get the "Holocaust" connection consciously.

We see images that are EXACTLY reminiscent of the other 'W' movie...WW2. EXACTLY and I know my WW2. Trust me.

We see clothes "flutter" down like autumn leaves as the insatiable machines gobble up their human quarry. Just like those HUGE piles of clothes we see getting packed during the black & white "Holocaust" reminder doco's. The ONLY thing left from the machines to show that humans had been there, visa ve, the killing machine of Awshwitz etc...

The machines themselves have been "waiting" patiently, to ERUPT from their hidey holes. They note they could be ANYWHERE! Sound familiar?

We see a machine at the beginning run amock and Tom Cruise barely makes it home. We see images EXACTLY like we saw on 9-11 of people running down the street looking anxiously over their shoulder running in giant packs for their lives.

When inside taking it all in, his daughter say's "what are you covered in"? He is covered in a fine dust!

Speilberg you are a F-U-C-K! To so GROSSLY and OBVIOUSLY play on that particular point of 9-11...people covered in a fine white dust...makes me sick!

You use the memory of a particular event to suit your own agenda. Like your little extremist Zionist buddies do with the murder of 400,000 plus Jews of Europe.

You are SO transparent.

You have OBVIOUSLY gotton the permission from the U.S Army to use their equipment. We see alot of Abrams and even rarer XM8 Marine light tanks plus other late model equipment being used.

NO amount of money gets you this stuff unless the Pentagon has APPROVED the script...personally i think THEY WROTE IT!!!!!! How goes it Spinberg you fraud!

We see a soldier in the street...for no particular reason he and Cruis converse and we hear his mighty Brooklyn accent so reminiscent of 9-11 again.

We are to accept the troops on the street. They are the GOOD GUYS.

The music is at times straight out of Private Wank and Schindlers list.

I could go on.

I ALWAYS new it would be a PURE NWO production brimming with "chutzpah"! Spinberg has outdone himself and is the pre-eminent NWO Hollywood hack.

That we should get into our skulls that "Islamic" extremism is the NEW "Fascism" is the transparent message.

This is the push of the Israeli lobby and their extremist Zionist elements who know the jig is up.

Endless references to the "Holocaust" and the pimping off the memory of the dead and dying from it, will not cover over the war crimes and skullduggery of Israel as one of THE most subversive elements in society today.

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