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Actually, I believe I understand what you have been trying to say, Ozziecynic.
There is definitely a conservative, almost fascist bias to Americans, especially our version of Christianity and even many of our conspiracy adherents. It is, I believe, a latent holdover from the conditioning we have received from the Hegelian indoctrination we have all been receiving, courtesty the NWO; but, speaking candidly, in other parts of the world you may notice the same phenomenom from the lefthand side of the ledger.
From my own standpoint, I decided long ago that neither capitalism nor communism are four-letter words or the panacea for all of the world's problems. If you follow the Bible, Koran, Torah or any of the great leaders associated with those scriptures (Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.), you will find an amalgam of left and right wing values.
That should really tell us all we need to know about choosing sides or judging others on that basis. Inasmuch as some of us may have done that to you here on this forum, I apologize and sympathize.
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