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Default Re: Thankyou Steven Spinberg - Another Hollywood Psy Op Masterpeice!

Well, geez, TB, guess I don't have to watch the movie now!!

Thanks for sparing me another end of the world, machines against people, nuclear holocaust, dust particles in the air, bleak and dark without power NWO production!!

As far as Spinberg getting his STUFF from the military. Obviously, he is not the only NWO Hollywood Production Specialist/Operative helping to advance their message/cause/agenda.

Approved by them with "covert" messages continuing until it is accepted through decades of watching their movies.

But, still, I wonder, and I wonder, who will stop the rain?

Oh, sorry, I still wonder about Mr. Cruise and his participation in many of these NWO productions such as in "Eyes Wide Shut."

I also wonder about his sexuality. I mean, anyone who has to stand up on the Oprah Winfrey show professing his love for women, in my opinion, is hiding something!!

Sorry, TOM!! Wouldn't be the first time a Hollywod Hunk wasn't what we thought he was. Afterall, you wouldn't be such a huge attraction on the "big screen" raking in billions for them.

Just MHO!!
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