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truebeliever wrote:
No...alien space ship landing or economic collapse following large terrorist event.

There will be no invasions.

Only continuing invasions of our privacy.

Wait a minute!! No invasion??? Well, if a large spacecraft lands, wouldn't that include an invasion by some ET's?

On the otherhand, if it is perpetrated by THEM, who the hell knows what they'll send in.

Men in masks, like in "eyes wide shut." What a ridiculous title for a movie. Kubrick did pay with his life and I wonder why he would have gone out on a limb like that.

Oops!! Off topic here. SORRY!!

As far as economic collapse, it's in their power, of course, as everything else is and if they want to cause a crash, they will. Alan Greenbucks is useless!! Up and down with the interest rate almost akin to the terrorist bar.

Obviously, the interNUT bubble was one of their orchestrations!!

Trillions lost in retirement funds. This, of course, preceeded the next "shock and awe" perpetrated upon the American people.

(1) Stock Market Crash
(2) 911
(3) Anthrax Scare
(4) Sniper
(5) Virus in China
(6) Sucking us dry at gas pumps
(7) Rolling black-outs
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