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Default Re: Thankyou Steven Spinberg - Another Hollywood Psy Op Masterpeice!

Great analysis TB- I've saw the movie already but didn't pick up all you did but it is an obvious propaganda piece.

You are correct about the use of military equipment- they even employed US soldiers for the flick. Here's one such link:

Another piece to note was the mob scene with the loss of the van- seems to help remind people why we need police, etc. Of course this is the same reason why street crime can top the local news.

The question that I ask on this film however is, how can the propaganda be turned around? Consider the following- if some sheep declares that the lesson to be learned from the film is that we must prepare ourselves for invasion from aliens then can you try to paint a picture that all the preparing in the world would be futile since any invaders would learn what they were up against and could be millions of years more advanced. Could it be that only by being peaceful (and not arming space, etc) that we can hope that "good aliens" would support us against invasion in the first place?

Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this--- are there any other angles that could be considered to use this film to our advantage?
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