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Default Re: Thankyou Steven Spinberg - Another Hollywood Psy Op Masterpeice!

You are correct about the use of military equipment- they even employed US soldiers for the flick. Here's one such link:
I am SO angry! Trust me. Speilberg is %100 NWO in case you did'nt know.


By the link you gave me Speilberg has had the COMPLETE co-operation of the Pentagon and the department of Homeland security.

This movie was NO accident, it was a DELIBERATE propaganda peice.

I'm sure plenty already worked that out.

To cheer me up I had to watch a preview over at Apple Trailers...

The Dukes Of Hazard!

Memories! You dipstick!

Jessica Simpson is looking fine.

Willie Nelson is great as Grandpa. Boss Hogg is Burt Reynolds..not quite the same as the fat man Hogg!

Bo and Luke Duke are o.k but again not quite the same as they play it much more current idiot humour.

Thank God...for the early 80' long as you wer'nt a Guatamalan or Nicuagrian.
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