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Default Sticks, the problem of.

It is inevitable that man will be destroyed by what is closest to him. Humans have spent their lives blissfully unaware of the iminent danger they are in. When you go outside, when you clean your house, even when your on a bus the threat is everywhere. They are known to us as Sticks....they are in cahoots you know. They are secretly trying to take over the world. everywhere you look you can see them in the forms of brooms and baseball bats, practically anything that is wooden can transform into a stick and kill you. When the time is right these fiends will attack and take over the world without mercy. The highest concentration of the evil sticks are found in trees....and they are watching you. if you dont believe me fine dont believe me...but look out your window and look at a tree and tell me you dont feel unexplainable terror...TELL ME!!! (shaking fist) :-o

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