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Default Re: Conspiracy: Jews are terribly persecuted. Jews are especially holy

"To someone whose eyes are open, the constantly-repeated mantra that the Jews are a persecuted people, a tiny powerless minority deserving of our help and deepest sympathy, is an insanely absurd idea. In reality, the Jews are undoubtedly the most powerful race on this planet. As I showed last week on this program, they are probably the fourth largest nuclear power on Earth via their "home base," Israel, and through their extremely influential positions in the media and financial institutions of the West, they have effective control of our political system and the armed might of the most powerful nations in the world, particularly via their control of the one remaining superpower, the United States. In the West, virtually no news is broadcast, virtually no feature film is made, virtually no newspaper article is printed which has not first passed the gauntlet of Jewish approval.

Despite this massive power, the Jews paradoxically portray themselves......"


There you have it. The JEWS will one day rule the world!!

Who said that????
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