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Default Re: Defending the light

GOD is GOD. You have your GOD and I have my GOD. What occurs in this world through the force of evil men does not matter whether it is due to their religious beliefs, their belief in SATAN, whatever.

DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? They use religion against us. They bring it into the equation. THINK!!! Did we go to war based on lies? The answer is YES and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with GOD!!!

GOD is so pissed at each and every one of you for using him to justify your BEING. He is not to be used in that manner!!!

Use your head. Use your mind. Use your brain. That is what GOD would want you to do. Know right from wrong. Know when someone does not possess SCRUPLES!!!

All that matters is that our world has been hijacked, our beliefs thwarted, our minds controlled, etc., etc., etc., by evil men with evil purposes.

I don't give a damn if SATAN or GOD has anything to do with it. I didn't care then and I don't care now. I don't care if they're possessed. I don't care who they worship. I just want this freakin' SATANIC CULT out of power NOW!!!

I want this country to belong to the people as it was intended. Yes, I'm dreaming. But, you know what? I will continue to IMPRESS upon all of you that this is our country, land that I know. Stand beside me and guide me, through!!!! Guide her through this time of distress.

If I'm covert, I'm covert. If I'm overt, I'm overt. If I'm scrambled eggs and ham that's what I am that's what I am.

No one can blow my cover. I'm OUT!!!!

Leave GOD out of the equation. I'm not going to say this again.

Bringing religion into the evil that lurks around us just doesn't serve a purpose.

It's evil and there is no other reasonable explanation for the action of those who call themselves our leaders other than some people with too much power and money lose their ability to think of others. They live in their OWN WORLD. And, as long as they're okay, who the FUCK cares about anyone else. Life is no longer sacred. Death is no longer mourned.

GOD IS GOOD!! He is in each one of us.

That is all we need to know. Period!! Believe in your GOD as you choose, just don't force your beliefs upon me!!

I'm talking about the Bushmen and their crimes. I'm not talking about GOD!!!

Believe me. He approves!!!

GET IT????
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