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As well known, Soros is a key-men of the Rothschilds` led conspiracy toward a new planetary feudalism they call the "New World Order". When he says: "The market system enriches the wealthy, impoverishes the poor, and endangers the planet."... most people believe he is opposing the monopolistic corporations. As a good kabbalist ("luciferian", would say some) predator, Soros is pretty good at hijacking the words. The "market system" he is opposing to isn`t the present fascist-liberal system dominated by criminal monopolistic giant corporations. He is indeed one of the high priests of this system.

When Soros and his like attack the "market system", they attack the -today dead- democratic liberal economy based upon healthy competition between private entreprises (the Keynesian self-regulatory economy). For the global elite who already controls the giant corporations, economical competition is the enemy. Their ultimate goal is a monopolistic economy where a bunch of corporations controlled by themselves are sharing the planet in a sort of "gentlemen agreement".

Rockefeller John Davison (1839-1937) said in one of his famous speeches: "I want to own nothing and control everything. (...) Competition is a sin.". Yes, for the world elite, COMPETITION IS A SIN! This means they are wanting a monopolistic system, just as was the communism. By the way, many of us know who was financing the communist revolution in 1917... His son David Rockefeller repeated the same message in one of his speeches to the world elite controlled UN.

You see, the ultimate goal of this so humanitarian people is to get rid of all national sovereignties in order to have a planet entirely under their control through their almighty monopolistic corporations. The day they would realise their objective, their game would no longer be in making money (they will then control everything, as said Rockefeller) but enjoying the absolute power over an enslaved humanity and doing the necessary everyday`s brainwashing of the masses and repression of the Spartacuses, to keep their absolute power.
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