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Default Re: The Movie

D.C... Fine no problem working with nohope187. Some good news.. I got an e-mail at home from the Administration.. They really like the idea of what we are doing.. somebody there must have read this thread.

Generally I use Front Page as my text editor.. I do use Word now and then, At one time I was quite good with Photoshop (layers), I'm fair at Sound Forge and Cakewalk for music projects.

As far as three problems are concerned, The main one is the financial system of fiat money, the second one is the destruction of the ecosphere, The third is man's inhumanity towards man.

And yet all of these are a direct result of the NWO. Usury and fiat money is first because it creates the means to do the rest.

As an exercise in writing I'll do a draft of a whale that has washed up on a beach.. It may take the better part of a day to do it.

Standin' by Sir.
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