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Default Re: This Is Getting Whacky. Problems With Site.


Thanks for the advice, but I just don't care anymore.

I cannot even begin to explain to you or anyone else what I have been through!

You wouldn't believe it anyway.

They have total access to my computer. I've had posts that I've made on another site, appear in my draft folder email box.

I've had draft emails that I've written and deleted appear back in my draft folder months later.

I've had comments written at the end of my MS word documents.

I've had them interfere while I was typing. The cursor moving to the top of the first line while I'm fifty lines under.

And, yes, I've had problems with posting and articles I've written just disappear into the ozone.

I made my way through all their obstacles which started years ago.

So, I'm still writing. They didn't stop me then and they're not going to stop me now.


Thanks for the advice.
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