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Default Re: Black Gold Antarctica

Have we started drilling in Antarctica for oil , It seems highly unlikely that the pricks in DC, who can go to war for profit, but then they make no aversion to open up Antarctica seems totally out of character
They would love to. The technological problems are IMMENSE! -60c. Have you ever read about the probs they have in Alaska?

besides there are ALOT of cute animals that live there and the hippies will be down there by the tens of thousands in their peace canoes.

You don't!!! The people are powerless.
Clearly not. Lest we would ALL have our chips in place by now.

WE have fucked them so badly it hurts.

They are finished!

I just pity how many will die when like Hitler, they realise all is lost.

Right now...around a table or perhaps secure video conferencing set up...the managers of the planet are discussing the peasants reponses to their latest forays.

There brows are VERY furrowed and the pens are being tapped quite anxiously on the oak table top.

Sooner or later they will realise you can NEVER chain the human spirit. They will have a good cry and then HOPEFULLY top themselves when the Coke depresion sets in.

Hitler was a man I admire. He did the decent thing. He stood up...lost and to the end took responsability for his actions.

These scum will not be so forthcoming.

And if they think Australia will be safe for them I have news to the contrary.

Hell hath NO fury than a drunk, loudmouth Aussie scorned when they have to pay Globalists to go to the beach.
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