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Default Re: Awakening to the present

The SHEEPLE don't understand that our President went to war based on lies to further the agenda of the global elite?
They understand perfectly well.

Bush's approval rating is at %30 in reality outside of the NYT.

The psychological damage of the WTC attacks is wearing off.

Spinberg and others are having to make blatent propaganda peices to keep the fervor above...nil.

I sa y things are going along nicely.

Feeling powerless is normal in times such as these. Anxiety and fear for the future produces passivity if you can keep up the psychological pressure long enough.

Rats continually poked in a cage will eventually become docile and lethargic.

Your anger is normal and will pass. Then, creative acts will follow that proceed to add your small contribution to the cause into the VAST pool of grass roots individuals making the preparations for a glorious future that will be EVERYTHING promised.

I will be dissapointed as this movement of the Collective Unconscious passes and we move into a new age of justice, peace and long lines of Bankers and Financiers hanging from lamp posts by the neck.

I wont know what to do with myself.
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