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Default Re: This Is Getting Whacky. Problems With Site.

truebeliever wrote:
I cannot even begin to explain to you or anyone else what I have been through!
I know exactly.

They're so scummy they even stole my bill money on their last foray into my house!

Do as I say and you will have NO..or at LEAST, fewer problems.

Mostly it is little twats having fun down at the NSA or whatever building they have in Israel.
Oh, they're just pieces of SCUM. Ever heard of "gaslighters?"

My OTHER son's favorite word now around the house when things are missing or out of order.

The "gaslighters" were here.

I'm damn serious.


And, don't freakin' tell me he's public property or I'll have to get my boxing gloves on and go a round or two with you.

8-) :lol: :-x
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